The Oscar Mayer Institute for the Advancement of Bacon has really done it this time. They've managed to cross smart phones with pork bellies. The result is waking up to the aroma and sound of frying bacon.Introducing the new app form our friends at Oscar Mayer.

Prepare yourself for a bacon awakening beyond your wildest imagination. Wake Up & Smell The Bacon is a multi-sensory alarm experience that starts your morning with the mouthwatering sizzle and smell of Oscar Mayer bacon.

How does it work? Who cares? It's from the same people who have successfully navigated the world in a 27-foot wiener so it's not for us to question.

Actually, Oscar Mayer says to download the Wake Up & Smell the Bacon app, plug the detachable device into the headphone jack of an iPhone and "savor the scent of sizzling bacon." Oscar Mayer is now offering the chance to apply for a free Wake Up & Smell the Bacon device through April 4, with limited quantities.

Apply for a chance to win a bacon scent alarm device at

While deciding whether to download this delightful thick-cut slab of technology, check out the hotter-than-the-skillet video to further arouse you.

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