OK, the title is a bit of a stretch. But when they ask us to write stories here at the radio station sometimes we get a little free with the flowery prose in the body of the story and of course the titles. But really, there seems to be a LOAD of car washes in town.

JD Collins-Townsquare Media
JD Collins-Townsquare Media

The main culprit would be Silver Star Carwashes.  You'll find these super smooth to use hybrid models on East 10th, 26th, and Sycamore and now at 57th and Greystone on Sioux Falls Southeast side. For those of you keeping track, there are quite a few within a few miles.

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Then you factor in the C Store Car Washes and the bathing options for your car or pickup seem to be available on every corner. It used to be getting a quick wash before Saturday or Sunday Church found you waiting through 10 songs in a row on the radio waiting to get in. Now, not so much.

Fast Car Wash is actually one of the real favorites here at our radio stations. We've been using them for years. After a while, you get to know the people at the car wash and Fast Car Wash is a friendly place to spiff up on a nice spring day. If you want to put a smile on the worker's face and get an extra effort, remember to bring along an extra $5 or $10 to tip.

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Tristan Fewings

Eastside, Northside, West, and East, there are loads of car washes in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Did I count correctly that there are 9 Silverstar Locations in Sioux Falls? As I was cruising by the latest addition at 57th and Greystone I wondered to myself if Breaking Bad's Walter and Skyler White, along with Walter Jr. had anything to do with the boom in the clean car business here in Sioux Falls. For those of you just starting the series on Netflix, I hope I didn't spoil anything for you there.

Shout out to Verne Eide Honda! I recently bought a Honda Accord. Part of my deal was I can take it to get washed EVERY day of the week if I like. Thanks to that offer, I have the cleanest car I have ever had, in my life!

How about you? What's your Go-To Car Wash in Sioux Falls? Lord knows you have plenty of options.

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