When our family took off from San Diego, California this past weekend, the temperature was 76. 76 above zero. When we landed in South Dakota the temperature was 22 below zero. This past week I learned that 88 is a big number.

I thought of the stress it puts on planes. Just the moving parts that have to survive temperature swings. Doors, Wheels and flaps to name a few.

In San Diego, the baggage handlers were sweating to the oldies loading the plane before takeoff. In South Dakota it looked harder like it was hard to find someone to even work in the extreme cold to unload the plane (yes, it took longer to get our bags after unloading than to actually fly from Denver, Colorado. But that's a story for another time).

88 degrees. Those 88 degrees can be the difference between life and death. While we were in California we noticed homeless people on what seemed like every corner. I get it. It's warmer. In the world of survival, round the clock temperature would be of utmost importance.

You might say, 88 degrees opened my eyes a bit. How about the livestock? Our listeners who work in agriculture certainly know their way around dressing properly and the extra time and efforts it takes to keep the cows fed and the water open for them to drink.

Those 88 degrees were a lesson, or remembering lessons we already knew. Leave the heat up enough so the pipes don't freeze. Check your local history. If it was 20 below and the pipes froze, or the car wouldn't start is a good place to start. Where's the extension cord to plug the car in? (if you have a block heater) Is there a place within walking distance you can plug it in?

I was talking with Trav. He had picked up a stranger on an extreme cold day. The guy was walking along 57th street. He told Trav he needed to walk to 10th Street. Trav told him, get in, or you'll die out there today. He also said he had just moved to South Dakota.

88 Degrees. In South Dakota, we swing that much temperature wise every year, yet every year it amazes me how we, have adapted as well as we have.

Those 88 Degrees also illustrate the work we need to do in helping those without adequate housing survive the next few months. As complicated as it is just surviving with housing and vehicles that start think of the challenges they face every day.

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