The United States should have a death star right?  Who would or should begrudge us should we choose to build one?

In Star Wars, James Earl Jones was the supreme leader aboard that death star.  Or was that Darth Vader?  Anyway, the United States government foolishly said no to a death star after requests from the public that they build a planet sized space station.  Personally, I think they may be a bit closed minded on this, since a death star of our own could have enormous defensive benefits.

According to, a kickstarter project wants to pick up the plans,using an open source design effort and crowdfunding to help make it happen. 

The project has an over $30,000,000 U.S. funding goal, which would be used to create “more detailed plans” than the initial design the team currently has and improve on the original from the Star Wars movies with some unique defesive measures to keep out pesky X-Wings. If the project reaches its stretch goal of  $850,000,000,000,000,000, then the plans will actually be put to use building a full-scale production Death Star.

The money itself shouldn't be a biggie, given the fact that money seems to get printed for whatever contingency arises.

I know that in such an uncertain world I would be able to feel peaceful, plan my schedule around new, exciting episodes of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo and sleep like a baby with such a super weapon overhead.

Darrell Etherington, and George Lucas contributed to this story