Thanks to the actions of South Dakota Law Enforcement 10 pounds of Methamphetamine are off the streets in our state.

Dakota News Now is reporting that 10 pounds of Meth valued at approximately $80,000 was seized in a routine traffic stop on Tuesday morning in northeastern South Dakota.

Roberts County Sheriff’s Office said that authorities were performing a traffic stop on Interstate 29 by Sisseton, South Dakota when a deputy smelled marijuana.

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This prompted a search of the vehicle that yielded 10 pounds of methamphetamine worth approximately $80,000, along with a loaded firearm, nearly a pound of marijuana, and a large amount of cash.

Roberts County Sheriff's Office via Dakota News Now
South Dakota Drug Bust - Roberts County Sheriff's Office via Dakota News Now

More details of the arrests and seizures were not given.

Roberts County Sheriff Tyler Appel commended the deputy’s work, saying “a seizure of this size has implications far beyond our area.”

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