Here's a tip for the next time you are driving around with many bags of weed in your car: drive perfectly legal so you aren't pulled over with many bags of weed in your car.

According to Dakota News Now, 80 pounds of marijuana were found after a traffic stop in McLaughlin in north-central South Dakota.

The Corson County Sheriff's Office said that a Bureau of Indian Affairs officer pulled the vehicle over and assisted with the stop.

During the stop, factors consistent with criminal activity were observed and a search of the vehicle was conducted which revealed approximately 80lbs of marijuana, 2 grams of methamphetamine, $3,000.00 in US currency, and numerous pieces of drug paraphernalia.



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A 63-year-old man from Washington was arrested, though what his exact charges will be was not disclosed as the investigation is ongoing.

The Corson County Sheriff Facebook post added a little tidbit to answer a question, or many deserved snarky comments in the wake of Amendment A being overturned by the South Dakota Supreme Court. The post added: "Note: To save you the time it takes to comment and express your disdain with this arrest, marijuana, even in states where it is legal, may not be transported in this manner. Just sayin'."


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