September is the maybe month. Maybe it's Summer, maybe it's Fall. Maybe I'll mow, maybe I'll wait. And my energy levels reflect the ups and downs of the month. So, I've found some not-too-strenuous tasks to do this month that maybe, you'd like to do, too.

Take an Inventory: As you walk through your yard or garden you may find a plant that needs to be replaced or moved. There may be a new plant that you've been wanting to add to your beds.

Plant Something: Trees, shrubs, and perennials planted now, will have time to establish themselves before Winter sets in. Water them in well with some root stimulator and they will have a healthy head start for Spring.

Keep Watering: As the season transitions, your plants need to be well watered. This will help to prevent desiccation during the Winter months. Evergreens, especially, need watering right up to the time the ground freezes.

Get Colorful: Mums, asters, pumpkins, gourds, and corn stalks are already showing up in garden centers. Take advantage of the early arrivals and add some color to your front entryway. Patios can use a color bump this time of year, too, as your guests gather around the fire pit.

Clean the Bird Feeders: Birds add so much Winter interest to a landscape and having the feeders ready will get them there as soon as possible. Brush out feeders with a firm bristled brush and rinse with bleach before adding seed.

Prepare for Frost: You may want to keep some plants going as long as you can. For a quick plant cover, clip a bed sheet around an inverted tomato cage and use it when there's a chance of frost.

Plan for Next Year: It's never too early to think ahead.Take a walk, get an idea from a neighbor, or pick up a new book. Then go ahead and dream up a new plan!