Americans eat around 20 million Hot Dogs and 50 billion Hamburgers each year. And we like to top 'em with lots of stuff.

Do you like to pile the Ketchup onto your summer picnic Hotdog? I don't mean to be a Debby-Downer but you might want to back off the Chup.

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Here are 5 Reasons Why You Should Say NO To Ketchup:

  1. The main ingredient in Ketchup is High Fructose Corn Syrup. One Tablespoon of Ketchup has more sugar than a Chocolate Chip Cookie.
  2. Ketchup is made with Tomato Concentrate which means that the tomatoes are smashed, strained, and cooked down to create the concentrate which removes all the essential vitamins and minerals from the fruit. (yes...tomatoes are a fruit.)
  3. Do you know how much nutritional value there is in Ketchup? Zero. No fiber, no minerals, no vitamins.
  4. Most Ketchup contains “natural flavorings”. That means they use chemicals like MSG to hop up the appealing flavor. MSG has been associated with various forms of toxicity.
  5. Bugs. There are insects in your Ketchup. Tomatoes grow in soil and insects feed off of them. Insect traces are found in ketchup. The USDA recognizes that it would be impossible to remove all insect fragments. So you can count on bug parts in your gooey condiment.

According to a survey from, these are the Top 5 Favorite Things That Americans Enjoy On Their Weiners:

  1. mustard - 71%
  2. ketchup - 52%
  3. onions - 47%
  4. chili - 45%
  5. relish - 41 %

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