There will be no consumption or smoking of cannabis in public anywhere in Minnehaha County. That was the ruling from the Minnehaha County Commission during a meeting on Tuesday morning.

Commissioners approved the second reading of that ordinance in the meeting, according to Dakota News Now.

A proponent of medical marijuana said at the meeting that the ordinance is "unnecessary" because state law already prohibits smoking in public places. The proponent went on to say this ordinance could impact other forms of medical cannabis like edibles.

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The commission left the door open to future modifications of the ordinance to accommodate any unforeseen situations.

Commissioner Jane Bender said, "We all acknowledge when it comes to any sort of ordinance or law in that changing environment, we might need to come back and change that in the future."

"I don’t think right now we thought the broadness would be an issue for users or law enforcement, we would prefer to air on the side of overprotection if anything,” Bender said.

The use of medical marijuana is now legal in South Dakota so long as the user obtains a state ID card. However, health officials say ID cards won’t be ready until this fall.

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