Sam Clemens of the Sioux Falls Police Department reported Monday morning that a break-in robbery had taken place Sunday evening around 9:30.

A suspect was observed using a rock or heavy object to break a glass door of a business in the 1500 Block of West 41st Street. The suspect went inside and stole several different laptop computers. The individual that made the original observation called Sioux Falls Police about a man breaking into the 41st street business.

A Sioux Falls Police officer went through some surveillance video with the owner of the business and was able to get a description of the burglar including that the suspect had left some blood on the broken glass of the door.

About 10:40 pm after the break-in the officer was completing his report when he spotted a person walking in that same area of the break-in wearing the exact same clothes matching the description of the suspect.

When the officer went to talk to the individual he noted he also had dried blood on his person. 27-year-old Kyle James Anthony Rodriguez of Sioux Falls was arrested for burglary, grand theft, and intentional damage to property

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