Halloween must be just around the corner if costumes and candy are already lining the aisles of stores across the country.  With all this excitement brewing, it's hard to ignore the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.  In fact, LA County recently decided to cancel Halloween celebrations this year including trick-or-treating.

Despite being in this continuous critical health crisis, you have to find the silver linings. An article in TODAY offers alternatives from Seattle, Washington area pediatrician, Dr. Mollie Grow, and other pediatricians for celebrating Halloween 2020.  Dr. Grow and her colleagues identify fun ideas that will still enable you and your family to safely enjoy Halloween.  It remains vitally important to avoid large crowds and gatherings as well as practice appropriate social distancing.

Design Your Own Costumes: Stores can get pretty crowded during this time of year, therefore why not make your own costumes!?!   Most families have been spending a lot of time together during the pandemic, so make it fun!  Have the kids select their own costume themes!

Make Yummy Fall Recipes: Most kids love to help out in the kitchen.  Let the kids decide and prepare the meal for the family.  This could even be a tasty dessert!

Trick-Or-Treat Around The House: Kids are used to walking throughout their neighborhoods on Halloween night, but we are now living in the new normal.  Make this like a scavenger hunt for the kids and hide candy around the house.

Go On A BINGO Hike: Doing certain outdoor activities, like biking and walking can be fun when you're social distancing.  Make a list of what to find on the trials and check them off as you go.

Decorate For Your Neighbors:  Dr. Mollie Grow recommends, "Anything that fosters community is great; it gives a sense of neighborliness. It is a win-win: You get to do something kind for a neighbor and also work on a project as a family.”  This can bring people together.

Get Outside: Do as many outdoor activities that you can to help slow the spread of COVID-19.  If your state or town is still allowing trick-or-treating activities, bring hand sanitizer to use after every house you visit.

Plan A Small Party: Kids love being around their friends for Halloween, so it's okay to plan a small gathering.  Make sure all kids are sanitizing every so often and they are all wearing masks.

Play Socially Distanced Games: Cornhole (AKA Bags) would be a perfect game during this new normal. I would hold off on the bobbing for apples game until next year.

Throw A Neighborhood Party: This can be a fun holiday block party while staying at least 6-feet apart.

Make Candy Bags For Trick-Or-Treaters: This definitely more sanitary than sticking your hand into a candy bowl.  Creating these candy bags can avoid contact, and kids can just pick one bag on their own.

How are you celebrating Halloween this year?

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