• 10

    The 'you gotta see what I found on Youtube' guy

    Found the next funny video on Youtube? Ever think that not everyone wants to hear it? Buy some headphones.

    D. Collins
  • 9

    The 'Overly Perfumed' Co-worker

    Is there a polite way to tell someone they're wearing enough perfume to strip the paint off the walls? Before we get too uppity, there are plenty of men out there who seem to marinate in cologne before work also. Gak!

  • 8

    The Unseasonable Dresser

    Spring break was so 10 years ago but you still think it's 'totally cool' to show up with cargo shorts, Hawaiian shirt, and sandals in January. Isn't it a little tough to work on the Henderson account when it's -15 degrees and you smell like Coppertone?

    D. Collins
  • 7

    The 'Gum Popper'

    "Um, hi. Could you tone it down just a bit with that day-long gum-popping? Thank you."

  • 6

    The 'Reply-to-All' Sender

    Some e-mail messages need to sent "Reply-to-All" like RSVP's or important clients and business contacts. However, don't hit this command every time. Maybe, just maybe, that cat in Topeka will get the life-saving operation even if I don't forward this to 20 people in the next half hour.

  • 5

    The Loud Cell Phone Ringer

    The office, the movie theater, even funerals, here's to the guy or gal with the most obnoxious ring tone on the planet...and it's at full volume for your enjoyment.

  • 4

    The 'Nail Clipper'

    Show of hands: Who,loves the sound of nails being clipped by a metal nail-clipper? No one? Exactly. This should never be done in your cubicle. Groom at home.

    D. Collins
  • 3

    The 'Coffee Pot Drainer'

    If you drink the coffee, know how to make the coffee. Don't leave four ounces in the bottom of the pot and walk away. They lynched people for lesser offenses in the Old West.

    D. Collins
  • 2

    The 'Kids' Fundraiser Sales Agent'

    In an attempt to get my 9 year old to the top of the school fundraising sales chart, I will execute a high-pressure sales tactic leaving you feeling mighty guilty if you say 'no'. Remember, you can't say, "I gave at the office"...this IS the office.

  • 1

    The 'Sick Martyr'

    Most places of work allow you a number of sick days per year, or P.T.O.. Use them. PLEASE, DO NOT come into work when you are sick! If we want your germs, we'll lick your stapler.