Zeal Center for Entrepreneurship in Sioux Falls continues beyond fostering technology based business start ups and is reaching out to the ever widening scope of all business start ups.

Program Manager Wendy Dooley explains.  " We've been Zeal since April 2016.  Prior to that we were the South Dakota Technology and Business Center and we've been around since 2004. says Dooley.  "So we're a business incubator, we have companies that rent our offices, about 28 offices for small and mid-sized businesses that are looking for a place to get their start.  We provide programs resources, connections and all sorts of assistance in that growth process for companies."

Co-working space is available for self-employed individuals or those who are not yet ready to lease office space for their company.

Jael Photography (by permission)

Zeal also offers an incubator program for business startups, including a concentrated version of their incubator program to get new business owners up and running quickly.  "...the Accelerator Program, runs each summer, so it's kind of like an incubator program on steroids." says Dooley.  People take a twelve week program to get their business off the ground.

The organization was initially part of the Forward Sioux Falls economic development partnership. At that time, our mission was to assist in creating and expanding technology-based businesses in the Sioux Falls area and has now expanded to all types of business.

Zeal is adjacent to the Southeast Technical Institute and the south campus of the University Center.

Zeal Center (by permission)

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