The third of Hyundai's three 2013 Super Bowl commercials promises to solve your child's problem with loneliness, if only you'll buy their car.

A group of bullies won't let a kid play football with them and tells him to come back when he has a team. "OK," the kid responds, confidently. He has a secret weapon. A mom with the Hyundai Santa Fe, AKA "the Friendmaker."

They drive said car around town picking up his new teammates. The first youngster is found lifting weights in front of his parents' house. Then there is a metal-worker, a firefighter and even a kid who wrestles bears. Yes, this is a town with absolutely no child labor laws.

It's a lot like the beginning of 'Little Giants,' only we bet none of these kids wind up as part of the 'Poison Ivy' film franchise when they grow up.