Ok mom. Ok dad. Get ready for it. Here it comes...

'There's nothing to do!'

You'll be hearing that soon if you haven't already. Well, I have great news!

The Raven Children's Studio at the Washington Pavilion has new paint, equipment, furniture and more and is ready for your imaginative little one to enjoy! There's an animation station too, with five area's of focus: Imagine it, Sketch it, Ink it, Color it and Share it. Yep, your little Rembrandt can not only create a beautiful piece of artwork, they can create their own cartoon! Look out SpongeBob!

Oh, and if your tyke isn't exactly the drawing kind, no worries, dramatic play will still be around. Maybe dress up as models for the other students with costumes, backdrops, the whole deal.

So when you hear that all-too-familiar refrain...'There's nothing to do!'...well, there's not only something to do, there's a ton of fun things to do!

Check out the hours they're open and let the kids have some real and imaginative fun!

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