Tis the season for goblins and ghouls and witches and vampires roaming around the Sioux Empire. I'm not referring to kids dressed up in their Halloween costumes. These are actual ghosts that haunt the city of Sioux Falls especially throughout the downtown area.

There are always spooky ghost stories that people like to share during the Halloween season. In fact, one bar located in downtown Sioux Falls has a ghost story that's sure to give any patron a fright. More likely than not, this ghost has made her presence known as people dance the night away.

Wileys has a “friend” that likes to hang out with people on the dance floor and at the bar. Her name is Eleanor.  You can't see her, but you can just feel her aura in the air.

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Wileys recently shared Eleanor's story on Facebook. She is the bar's "number one regular customer that never leaves." The post explains that the staff at Wileys never really talked about Eleanor...until now.

Eleanor has many hobbies and games she likes to play from turning T.V.s on and off to knocking over barstools. Every winter you can enjoy the phantom sound of "old timey" music and distant whistling when the bar closes down. As you can see in a customer's photo ( taken 5 or 6 years ago)....she also enjoys the dance floor.

For the most part, Eleanor seems to be a friendly ghost and just likes to have a little fun with everyone who enters Wileys.

The hospitable crew at Wileys is more than happy to share their experiences and personal stories about Eleanor.  All you have to do is ask!

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