Follow Jake Owen on Twitter and you'll learn that the singer is an open book. His music is also as honest as anyone around -- in fact, many of the 'Barefoot Blue Jean Night' artist's top songs reveal his scars. Literally and figuratively, this episode of 'You Think You Know Country?' shares the stories behind those scars.

Owen didn't start pursuing country music until his golf career came to a tragic end. However, before becoming a solo artist he fronted a popular regional band. Do you know what they were called? Here's a hint: think of his very first hit.

The Floridian's personal and professional lives have always been intertwined, and nowhere is that more clear than his marriage. Sure, everyone knows he met Lacey Buchanan during the shoot of his 'Eight Second Ride' video, but something held him back from asking her out immediately. He shares in the above video. Give it watch, subscribe to Taste of Country's YouTube channel and then hit the button below to check out all you need to know about Toby Keith.