We see them every day on our Facebook news feed. It's one of our friends with a birthday. We tell them happy birthday. For some, it might be the only time we really interact with them throughout the year. I read today how we might want to we might want to give that a little more thought.

According to the San Diego Union Tribune;

You should hide your date of birth so it doesn’t appear in the “Contact and Basic Info” section of Facebook — and do so right away.

That’s the advice of security expert Phil Lieberman, president of Lieberman Software in Los Angeles.

“It’s one of the pieces of information that’s most often used in identity theft,” Lieberman told The San Diego Union-Tribune.

When I read the article, I thought to myself, yeah that's a no brainer. Then I thought, I need to adjust mine. A couple of years ago, I was hacked. They got some hardcore information and I have to deal with it 3 to 5 times a year. This is a little thing, but I agree, you might want to dig a little deeper. If you choose to do it tonight, they say;

To hide your date of birth from all other Facebook users, click the “About” button on your account, then click on “Contact and Basic Info.” Next, go to the “Basic Information” box. Then choose the editing option and click the drop-down arrows under “Birthday Date” and “Birth Year” so you can set your preference to “Only Me.”

I love hearing from all my friends every year. I really do, but think I'll be adjusting my Basic Info tonight.

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