If you are looking for a little 'fixer-upper' how about this $4.5 million former Air Force base? Look what you get!

There is a former Air Force base about 4 hours northwest of Sioux Falls or just north of Gettysburg, South Dakota that is for sale.

The property is in a bit of a state of disrepair but hey, with a little sweat equity who knows what you could do with it?

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The Gettysburg Air Force Station was activated on 1 January 1956 as part of a Korean War radar surveillance network. It was then closed 12 years later in 1968.

The U.S. Government spent around $60 million to build the Air Force Radar Base back in the '50s. Today you can pick up the whole shebang for only...$4.5 million.

So what do you get? Glad you asked!

  • 1844330 square feet (Guessing this is buildings and such.)
  • Two Story Dormitory. (I remember these from the movie “Platoon”. That didn't end well.)
  • 50 beds. (These will now have the Posturepedic mattresses you are used to.)
  • 15 bathrooms. (Might have to jiggle a few handles to get these to flush?)
  • Half Court Hardwood Floor Gym. (So what happened to the other half?)
  • 30x80 Motor Pool. (Much easier to take care of than a swimming pool.)
  • Total of 6 buildings. (Oh the kids will love this!)
  • Strong Walls and Some Unique Features ( “Unique Features”. That's how people describe myself. “Fun loving with lots of Unique Features”. I'm sure that's a good thing. )
  • A tunnel is about 8'x8' and about 250' long from the main building to ground level (Don't mention this on your homeowner's insurance. They hate long, old, underground tunnels.)
  • Underground Water Storage Tanks (Are there alligators in South Dakota?)
  • Creek (Featuring a nice rock to wash your clothes?)
  • Pasture, Woods, & Views (Pack a lunch. There is nothing within miles of this place.)
  • Parking is available. (Should be easy to parallel park your tank.)

Oh...and the property is being sold “As Is”

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