I've heard of Hot Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, and I've even done yoga in a butterfly house. A farm in Albany, Oregon is putting a twist on stretching by offering an outdoor yoga class with goats.

According to Lainey Morse the owner of No Regrets Farm, Goat Yoga is now a thing and it has caught on quick. Goat yoga has become so popular on the farm that class slots are booked solid until spring of next year.

My personal encounters consist of being bit or bumped by goats, so I don't know how peaceful, and relaxing this experience could be. The goats on this Yoga Farm appear to be more chill. Maybe they are a little more Zen'd out than most.

This class is full and it's a little bit of a drive so if your looking for some local yoga here are some local spots to get your yoga on minus the goats.

Sources: Wideopenpets.com and Mental Floss

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