Here we go again with another shortage. Ketchup packets can be added to toilet paper, coins, computer chips for cars, and Grape Nuts, just to name a few.

It seems that restaurants are having a hard time finding ketchup packets. A co-worker and I were recently out to lunch at a Sioux Falls restaurant that used to keep ketchup packets on the table. This time I've noticed the packets are gone and ketchup is given to you in a small cup. I thought that was odd, but now it makes sense.

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According to USA Today, the shortage is not affecting bottled ketchup and only packets. They say the reason is due to the explosive growth of restaurant take-out and delivery. Another factor putting pressure on packet supply is COVID-19 guidance from the CDC that recommends people who dine in should use packets rather than a shared bottle.

In response to the packet shortage, Heintz said they are ramping up production by 25% and hope to produce 12 billion packets per year.

The prices on what packets can be found are on the rise. The Wall Street Journal reports that prices are up 13% since January 2020.

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