President Joe Biden just got off the stage. He was on camera talking about supply chain issues and how they hope to alleviate some of the issues that have been popping up around the world and even here in Sioux Falls and South Dakota.

It seems like it started with the cars. If I'm not mistaken, Ford Pickups were one of the first to be in shorter supply. I would imagine that is because they are so popular here in Sioux Falls and around the region. The cars followed. Chips they said, were the culprit.

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Covid must most certainly be included in the conversation. Without COVID and the lack of workers, well, working we wouldn't be talking as much about this. I say, as much, because the supply chain and transportation in the nation is something that was needing attention.

Tom Baker

We're living in a global economy, yes, but we still need to get the lawnmower from wherever it's made, to the garages and sheds in our neighborhoods. Earlier this year I was in the market for a new lawnmower. I stopped by Lewis on Sycamore Avenue here in Sioux Falls. I left the store and started looking around town for a different model. In a few hours, I was back at Lewis and picked up my Ariens mower. Good thing I did. I've heard from several distributors that they can't even get them.

JD Collins

We've talked about toilet paper and sports drinks and snacks. Short supply they say. Then you see a news story of MANY ships off the shore of California waiting to unload containers, after containers waiting to store them. Dang, can you imagine being stuck on one of those ships waiting for your turn to unload as they wait for loaders to unload and drivers to drive those containers away?

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Then there is trucking. Just when truckers were getting older and retiring, or hoping to they are one of the hottest talent areas in the nation. You know how they say, if you enjoyed dinner tonight, thank a farmer? If you enjoyed almost anything and everything you touch and use and eat, thank a truck driver. They are true, true heroes.

Back to the lawnmowers. I was talking with Brock from D and D Small Engine in Lennox where mowers are in short supply as well. He said, one of the problems, is manufactures can't get 'plastic' to complete the build on some of the products. Yep, the plastic little resin beads they make cool stuff out of? It's unavailable because of the supply chain issue.

Julia Sudnitskaya

You could call it political, heck it probably is, but I think you could blame our want it today, get it tomorrow mentality. That is about to change. Want a new couch? If it's one, in particular, that's not on the floor and not as all the neighbors have, you're waiting. Up to 6 months. Want new floors in your house? Chances are your new laminate or hardwood is sitting on a container off the shores of either California or New York.

Fridrich & Clark

How do we fix it? I don't know. Is rail a better alternative? (like a rail running near any interstate in the nation? Possibly. I do know that this supply chain issue isn't going anywhere fast.

Look around. Think you need anything?  Think you want something? Chances are good that you might be waiting before you have it in your possession.

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