This past weekend, my wife and I spent most of the daylight hours outside. We are working on re-staining our deck. Yes, it was warm but the one thing that stuck out about the weekend was it was WINDY!  I checked some of the records from The National Weather Service and the numbers proved it. Most of the afternoon hours were littered with 35 MPH plus gusts.

The photo that I used above is actually from Germany. The United States is rapidly catching up on using the wind, to capture power! I started to wonder. What state is the windiest? It has to be South Dakota doesn't' it? Turns out it's our neighbors to the south in Nebraska. The list of the windiest states in the nation include according to The Washington Post;

Nebraska (1), Kansas (2), South Dakota (3), North Dakota (4), and Iowa (5)

All of the states ARE in the nation's heartland. Any trip across any of the states will most days find you holding on tight to the steering wheel, the grass and trees moving in the wind, and the wind blowing.

As a result of the normally windy conditions, all of the states also have loads of windmills dotting the countryside. A trip down I-90 will show you that here in South Dakota, we're turning wind into electricity as well.

I grew up in a truck driving family, so I have a tendency to check a forecast before hitting the road. These past few days in South Dakota I couldn't help but think of truck drivers or maybe those pulling a camper. And how about those people working outside! You can bet that they were looking for the eye drops. And no, it's not a sunburn, it's more of a windburn on their faces.

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