Out of all the crazy headlines you'll read today this one might be the winner. Yes, South Dakota is Expected to Be the Most Moved to State in 2017.

Today at lunch, a coworker and I were mulling over warmer weather. You know, moving away to a warmer environment. As it turns out, a warmer work environment is more desirable. According to International Business Times:

South Dakota, for the first time, has become the nation’s “Top Moving Destination” after it narrowly edged out Oregon, which had been retaining its position at the top for three years, in the 40th annual United Van Lines Annual National Movers Study that tracks state to state migration pattern.

It doesn't surprise me. People are hiring. Today we were running help wanted ads for several different clients.

By the way, if you were wondering the states that will be most moved from are New Jersey, Illinois and New York.

Side note. Those looking to move here today might want to wait a day or two before checking the weather. As I type this its 3 degrees outside.

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