If you grew up in the 70's chances are you remember studs. On tires. You could hear them singing on the old Chevrolet driving down the road and they did indeed make a bit of a difference. Especially on Ice. Heck, I remember some people actually putting them on the front tires on their cars. Yes, that was back before front-wheel-drive automobiles.

Many things have changed, but one thing hasn't. When it comes to winter driving here in South Dakota or anywhere throughout the Midwest, you can never have enough traction. All season tires are great, but it turns out people are still buying snow tires for their ride.

When I did a recent remote broadcast at Luxury Auto Mall in Sioux Falls, one of the sales experts told me that many of their customers actually buy snow tires, and have them put them on in the fall and change them with summer tires and store them for the summer months.

My son recently invested in snow tires for an older Chevy Impala. The first slick day he called and said, "it's true! They do make a difference! A tremendous difference."

I took a look at his wintertime investment and have to agree. It' looks like a pretty good idea. The tires themselves seem to be a little softer, grippier product and with the deeper tread and multiple groves, it looks like it might not be a bad option. He said, it makes a tremendous difference and likes his purchase!

How about you? Do you sub your summer tires out for something grippier for the wintertime months? I'd love to hear from you if you do!

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