When the COVID-19 Pandemic shut down fired up, I was wondering how it would change people's habits, both here and around the world. More time at home would mean, different dining habits and with the closing of many bars and restaurants, home drinking habits.

According to CNBC.com;

Off-premise sales of spirits in the U.S. went up 34.1% from last year for the nine-week period ending May 2, according to Nielsen data, while wine sales went up 30.1% during the same time. Beer sales went up 12.6%.

How about you? I know when 5:00 PM came around at our house you could find me building a rum and diet. Other data from Nielsen report;

At home, American's are preferring spirits with sales up 34%. wine sales up 30% and beer sales up 12%.

I would imagine the people who have the best idea would be the garbage crew. Just by looking at a household recycling you could probably find a lot out. How about you? Bars were closed, you were working at home. What do you think?

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