Yellowstone's fifth season begins on Sunday (Nov. 13) on Paramount Network, and fans either have theories or questions. Let's be honest, it's been months since Season 4 wrapped — who here can recall everything that happened at the end?

The hosts of Dutton Rules: a Yellowstone and 1923 Podcast can, or at least they looked it up to try to help you get up to speed.

Last year, more than a half-million people enjoyed this more-than-weekly podcast. Today, enjoy a predictions episode and look for a full Ep. 1 and Ep. 2 breakdown come Monday (Nov. 14). Find Dutton Rules on Apple Podcasts and Spotify, or wherever you podcast. You can also listen here:

Adison Haager, Billy Dukes and Sterling Whitaker talk about Season 5 with fresh knowledge from a Yellowstone media junket and having analyzed cast interviews like they were studying for a 300-level college exam. Here are some bullet points:

First, here is how Season 4 ended: Jamie shot and killed his real father, Garrett, after Beth blackmailed him. She then photographed him dumping the body so he would live under her (and her father's) thumb for the foreseeable future. What has become of Jamie's young child and that child's mother is not known.

John Dutton is reluctantly running for governor as a way to fight off Market Equities, who are actively turning his property into an airport. Kayce just found out wife Monica was pregnant with their second child and he went on a multi-day vision quest. Whatever he saw was the big cliffhanger, but it spelled some kind of doom.

Rip and Beth are now married and Jimmy and Emily (from the bunkhouse) are set to be married. Although, they left for Texas, so who knows how much we'll see them in Season 5. After a turbulent season in the bunkhouse (looking at you Walker and Lloyd!), things have settled down. That probably won't last.

As for Yellowstone predictions? Listen to hear why John Dutton may die, Beth Dutton may become warm like a teddy bear and Chief Rainwater's people may end the 14-episode season with significant leverage. There's also this theory about why Monica cut her hair. If true, it spells the show's greatest tragedy to date.

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