Wow!  It's been quite a year for Wynonna!  As of late she's been 'trending' because of her dancing skills on display with her appearance on Dancing With The Stars. That would be enough for most people but Wynonna has even more to celebrate.

Most of you remember a horrific accident that took place during Sturgis Motorcycle Rally last August that nearly killed her husband Cactus Moser.  Earlier this week, Wynonna saw Cactus walk again with the aid of a new prosthesis!

One of the neat things about 'watching the whole process' from afar is the attitude that Wynonna and Cactus have. It's awesome!  Wynonna has been busy with Dancing with the Stars and told The Boot:

"He went home to get his prosthetic last week," says the proud wife. "He came into town the day before yesterday and he walked towards me for the first time in eight months. He's like eight months ahead of schedule. It's been an emotional ride this week. I was so stunned. I saw the wreck, I saw him lose the leg and to see him walk towards me was amazing. So I look out in the audience and I see all of this love and I felt so grateful tonight. I'll go home with that in mind."


I think it's an inspiring story.  To survive an accident like that is one thing. To come through it with such a positive attitude is another thing.  Here's a salute to Cactus!  Getting on with life!


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