Businesses across the country have been struggling for the past two years thanks to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Sioux Falls businesses are also feeling those same effects, especially facing staffing issues.

One local restaurant chain recently announced they have to permanently shut down one of its locations because the last couple of years have really taken a toll on this business.

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Jacky's Restaurant is truly a gem in the Sioux Empire. In February, the local establishment had to make the difficult decision to temporarily close its 8th Street location in downtown Sioux Falls. Now, this closure for its 8th street location is official and permanent.

The staff told it's loyal customers on a Facebook post that they are "thankful for all the years of support." They reassure its customers that the best is yet to come.

This past few years have been difficult times and as the time changes we feel the need to move in to a new adventure. We have the need to inform you that we've decided to close down the 702 E. 8th St. location permanently as Jacky's Restaurant....Again thank you and we hope to count on you in all future plans...


The owners of Jacky's Restaurant explains on its Facebook page they are also "leaving the way to a new, fast concept opening soon as T-Juanita Street Food and Cheladas."

It's never easy to see a favorite restaurant go away. However, the owners of Jacky's Restaurant appear to be looking forward to a bigger and brighter future for the local establishment. In fact, they recognize their business would not be as successful without the loyal customers of Jacky's Restaurant.

It's so critical that we support local businesses like Jacky's Restaurant. If you have a taste for delicious Guatemalan cuisine, visit one of these locations from this Sioux Falls restaurant.

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