In South Dakota, we can get 'organizational plates', that allow for the placement of organization decals on a special license plate.  It's the 'W' plates you see all around.

Unfortunately, a sticker of your favorite professional sports team does not count as an organization decal and can result in a fine.

However, South Dakota does not allow emojis on license plates.

This year, Vermont will become the first state to allow emojis, but this isn't a new idea.

In 2019, Queensland, Australia offered plates that could be customized with one of five emojis.

Like Queensland, Vermont drivers will select from a small collection of emojis, but there is no word on the characters will look like.

No price or start date for when Vermont drivers can purchase the smiling plates has been announced.

I guess South Dakota already has emojis on our plates if you consider the picture of Mt. Rushmore as emojis.  Maybe that's a stretch.

MSN contributed to this story.

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