This guy is touching all corners of the globe and never has to pick up a phone to let his mother know he's okay.

Jonathan Quiñonez, 27, a model and consultant (what exactly a model consults is anyone's guess) from Belgium, decided to get out of the rat race and travel around the world. One small problem: how would he let his mom know everything is fine? Because, as we all know, moms worry.

Well, Quiñonez found a rather creative way to do so: Instagram. He posts photos of himself on his adventure, along with a sign that reads "Mom, I'm Fine."

First of all, kudos to Quiñonez to figuring out a way to keep mom from getting too worried. Hopefully, she figured out a way to use Instagram. She's a mom -- there's a good chance she'd need her son's help to even turn on her computer.

Second of all, is anyone else confused (or jealous) how a 27-year-old is able to criss-cross the globe with such ease? Every photo makes it look like he's having the best time ever, which, in a world where we make 2 a.m. runs to Del Taco look glamorous in our Facebook feed, is simply a part of social media we all hate because it's not altogether truthful.

"It would be a dream to continue exploring the world, giving a positive message and making people laugh. I'm glad my pictures have encouraged people to see the world," Quiñonez tells LADbible.

Encouraged? Maybe. Maybe he can also post a photo of him being held at a border, realizing a local has stolen his wallet or getting caught in a thunderstorm. That'd make us feel just a wee bit better.

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