People in South Dakota are different than others in the United States. And "different" doesn't always mean in a bad way.

From an early age, South Dakotans learn hard work, the value of that hard work, and just how important your family, friends and community really are. But South Dakotans also learn their own vocabulary, too. has come up with a list of 10 Uniquely South Dakota words you will understand if you are from South Dakota. Did they miss any?

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    When you want a carbonated beverage in South Dakota, if you ask for a "coke" - you will get a Coca-Cola. When you ask for a "soda" - you will probably get a strange look. But if you ask for a POP - there will be no strange looks and you will get the option to choose your flavor of choice. (Which could be a Coke, Pepsi, Sprite, Orange or Mountain Dew!)

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    Hot Dish

    There has long been a debate on if it's called a Hot Dish or Casserole. But South Dakotans know that a Hot Dish is the perfect chance for you to combine several savory ingredients into one easy meal. And that meal could be for lunch, supper or as your "dish to pass" at the pot luck.

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    It doesn't matter if you are helping someone by giving them directions off of a gravel road or swapping recipes for hot dishes, a resident of South Dakota knows the true meaning to the word NICE.

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    Grabbing a sweater or light jacket as you stroll down the beach on a cool night in January isn't COLD. Residents of South Dakota know the true meaning to the word cold, and it usually involves snow, temperatures below zero and wind (lots and lots of wind!)

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    Corn Hole

    This is only the most fun you can have with bean bags - EVER! South Dakotans can be found playing this backyard game in the spring, summer and fall. (And YES - I've even been to a party - during the winter - where Corn Hole has been set up in the garage!)

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    Puppy Chow

    This sweet South Dakota treat does not get poured from a bag or plunked out of a can for your best friend, Fido. This favorite snack made from cereal, peanut butter, chocolate and powdered sugar is not only a must-have during a South Dakota holiday party, but all year long.

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    Speaking of sweet treats, Scotcheroos are peanut butter, rice-krispie treats with a layer of chocolate chip frosting - and are considered to be just a little bit of heaven! Scotcheroos can be found at any South Dakota bake sale or on a high-school event concession stand. I guarantee you can find the recipe for these in any South Dakota church cookbook.

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    Knee High By The Fourth of July

    Okay, I know this is more of a phrase. But as soon as that first week of July rolls around, everybody from South Dakota (me included!) will be uttering this phrase as they drive by the growing corn fields.

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    Truck Topper

    Called a canopy or a shell in other areas of the United States, people in South Dakota know that this invention that covers your stuff in the back of your pick-up truck or hides an air mattress for camping is called a topper.

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    You Guys

    Again, another phrase. But this phrase is so much more than just two small words. In South Dakota, the phrase "you guys" includes your grandparents, your parents, siblings, neighbors, friends, co-workers and even your pets and livestock.