Pet owners will often go to great lengths to spoil their furry friends — including throwing them birthday parties. However, one woman may have went a little overboard when she sent her loved ones a list of acceptable items to buy her dog for its birthday.

"Just so everyone knows, Leaf's birthday is on Saturday and he is accepting gifts," the woman posted on social media, according to the The Mirror.

"No treats, no rope toys, no plastic toys. You can buy him stuffed animals though, preferably not the ones with plastic eyes or just send him money and I'll buy toys for him," she continued.

Social media users reportedly slammed the woman for being "so entitled"; some questioned what she might actually spend the potential monetary gifts on.

"Damn, I have two dogs. I have never thought of doing this. I have really let some potential cash slip through the cracks over the years!" one person wrote.

"She made such an extreme list so people will give her cash to make it easy which she will then spend on herself," another speculated.

Another person shared they understood the woman's request for specific types of toys, but noted she was still out of line for wanting her friends and family to pay for them.

"I can see where she’s coming from," they wrote. "Dogs love to rip apart toys and eat pieces which can get stuck in their digestive system and then they need surgery to get it out. But who expects someone else to buy their dog a gift for their birthday?"

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