When it comes to weddings, it's fairly common for a bride-to-be to choose family members to take part in the ceremony — such as ring bearer, bridesmaids, etc.

However, one woman chose to go against tradition and decided she'd rather have her cat walk down the aisle as "flower boy," upsetting her family.

The woman took to Reddit explaining her sister was furious after finding out one of her three children was not given the role of flower girl.

"My husband and I are getting married in May. It’s important to note that he and my in-laws are incredibly wealthy, and they paid for our wedding in full," she wrote via Reddit. "My sister and I were always close but once I started dating my fiancé, she started distancing herself from me and when I confronted her about it, she claimed that she felt like I was becoming snobby and rude with my new lifestyle and that it would be best for her mental health if we went low contact. We haven’t talked that much for the past 3 years because of this, and I respect her choice."

The woman continued, "Last December at my family reunion, I announced my engagement and everyone congratulated me except for my sister. I didn’t think much of it but it still hurt a lot."

She noted that she told her family she wanted to give her cat the role of "flower boy" and everyone thought it was "a great and cute idea."

Mike Marrah via Unsplash
Mike Marrah via Unsplash

"I bought a white dress for him and we’ve been practicing his walk down the aisle since then," she wrote, noting that's when her sister contacted her regarding the ceremony.

"Two weeks ago my sister called me out of the blue to discuss my wedding with me. This was extremely weird but I thought this was a chance for us to get close again. Once she brought up the flower boy or girl though, I knew where the conversation was going," she said. "She has three kids and she brought up the idea of the oldest being the flower girl. I told her what my plan was and that it was set in stone that my cat would be the flower boy; she sounded shocked and asked why I didn’t think of my niece, and I just told her that she didn’t cross my mind when thinking about it."

The woman explained that her sister then became furious. "She went off on this whole tangent about how I was a terrible sister, daughter and aunt, then hung up on me," she stated. "A while later I started getting phone calls from family about how selfish I was being and that I was making a dumb choice."

Following the argument, the woman explained she uninvited her sister from the upcoming wedding. "This whole ordeal has really taken a toll on me and even my parents called to say that I should’ve just changed my plans or had a small ceremony afterwards where my cat was the flower boy but left the main event with my niece as the flower girl," she concluded.

Many users commented on the post siding with the bride-to-be.

"She didn't want to be a part of your life, she doesn't get to reap the benefits of her kids being in your wedding and an invitation to said wedding. I have two cats and I think that using a cat as a flowerboy is an amazing idea! Now all I have to do is find a groom to be on board lol," one person wrote, while another commented: "Nobody is entitled to a role in a wedding and it is very bad manners to ask, for oneself or for another person."

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