A Nashville, Tennessee woman traveling to Stuttgart, Germany thought she had a case of food poisoning after she forgot to ask for a vegetarian meal on her flight. Turns out she was actually in the early stages of labor.

Tia Freeman, who said she didn't know she was pregnant until her seventh month, ended up giving birth to a healthy baby boy in the bathtub of her Istanbul, Turkey hotel room.

After landing, Freeman was standing in line at customs in Turkey where she had a long layover en route to Germany. That's when it occurred to her that she might be in labor.

Not knowing anyone in Turkey, and uncertain as to whether she was experiencing food poisoning, false labor or the real thing, she turned to Google for help and searched “how to tell if you’re in labor.”

That's when Freeman left the airport and headed to her hotel, all the while experiencing the mysterious pains. Once inside her hotel room she realized that she was indeed in labor.

“I was shocked but calm. I knew that panicking wouldn’t help in this situation,” she said. “I needed to figure out what my next step was.”

Scared that a hospital wouldn't take her insurance, Freeman decided to take the risk and try to deliver her baby herself. So she headed to the bathroom and sat in the tub.

“I looked up YouTube videos and begin gathering what little supplies I had,” she said. “I timed my contractions using my iPhone and then began to push.”

And at 8:29 PM on March 7 her little boy, Xavier Ata Freeman, was born.

Freeman later went to a nearby hospital to get checked out. There, her baby was declared "perfectly healthy."

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