Ever wish you could fly over some of your favorite places in South Dakota?  Robb Long will get you a little bit closer to what it's like to fly over The Falls of the Big Sioux River and the namesake for our beautiful Sioux Falls, South Dakota.



I decided to shoot a little aerial footage of Falls Park on my way back through the city of Sioux Falls, SD. I couldn't resist shooting especially when Mother Nature provided a perfect scene with the Majestic Beauty of the Falls to the sun shining on the foreground with a darker sky in the background, it was very nice. After years of operating RC Cars, Helicopters and Airplanes I feel very comfortable doing some daring maneuvers with my cinecopter such as flying only a few inches from the top of the water to dropping it down right in front of the falls to get those amazing cinematic shots you'd see a crane doing. Operating the UAS has really opened up a creative outlet I'm really enjoying.