A local artist has created a series of "winged" artwork that is now on display in the historic Cathedral District of Sioux Falls.

KSFY TV is reporting that Jillian Gunlicks of Sioux Falls spent roughly six hours designing and painting the Sioux Falls Wings. The artwork is located off 7th Street between Duluth Avenue and Spring Avenue in the Cathedral District.

According to KSFY, Gunlicks friend Adam Weber had a vision for the art project, that vision was to get people to go to the wings and take a picture with them. Then share the pic on social media using #SiouxFallsWings. Weber just needed an artist to help make his vision a reality.

Enter Gunlicks, who was happy to help, because this type of artwork is something she's been wanting to do. She also found the meaning behind it to be very inspiring.

Cards are attached to the art, explaining why they are there. It describes art as having the ability to unite people.

There is another purpose behind the artwork. As KSFY reports, the wings are also there to get people to go check out the Cathedral District. That area was once the heart of Sioux Falls living, but not any longer. Weber and Gunlicks hope their Sioux Falls Wings artwork will uplift and encourage visitors to that part of the city once again.

Source: KSFY TV

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