By now you've heard that The Kickin' Country Secret Sound is set to return on February 27TH. To get you ready, we present, The Easier Kickin' Country Secret Sound!

This week, (February 6-10) we bring you a softer, gentler Kickin' Country Secret Sound, and this week the  Secret Sound is delicious too. If you correctly identify the EASIER Secret Sound you will instantly win a $100 gift card to Casa Del Rey. Grab a margarita and a delicious meal with someone you love!

By the way, if you win the EASIER Kickin' Country Secret Sound you are still eligible to play when we start the Kickin' Country Secret Sound.

If you are new to Kickin' Country, it's simple to play and easy to win. Listen 'around' 8:40 AM. JD Collins will tell you when to call. If you are the 10th Caller, and correctly identify the Secret Sound (which you most likely will) you will win a night out at Casa Del Rey in Sioux Falls.

Listen to play The EASIER Kickin' Country Secret Sound this week at 8:40 AM with JD Collins, on The NEW 99-1 AND 100.5, Kickin' Country.

One winner of the EASIER Secret Sound per household, please. 

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