Willie Nelson's 1975 album 'Red Headed Stranger' is considered one of the finest album's in country music history, a ground breaking work. It's the album that 'broke' Willie to a worldwide audience, the album that crossed boundaries and made Willie a cultural icon (or at least the beginning of one). It is probably most famous for containing the Willie classic 'Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain' and is considered by some as the start of what became famously known as the 'Outlaw Movement' in country music.

The album is a 'concept album', as each song leads into the next telling one tale of...well, of love and murder. Concept albums were relatively new in country music at the time. Rather then a bunch of songs not dealing with each other, this album had songs that, when played one after the other, almost made a movie.

And then, it did make a movie.

Perhaps lesser known by the general public, 'Red Headed Stranger' the movie was released some 11 years after the album. There were the usual (and some unusual) problems getting the movie made, but in the end Willie and a friend financed the movie themselves. And who starred in the movie? Who else! Willie himself.

In the interest of honesty, the movie didn't do nearly as well as the album. While the album has moved on into music legendary status, you might have a hard time finding the movie on your television channels. But here's the trailer we all saw back in '86/'87 as we munched our popcorn and ate our Milk Duds.