I just got done reading an interesting article on the Reuters website about the #MeToo movement and the effect it may have on Valentine's Day this year.  The title of the article was "#MeToo Movement Means Changes For Valentine's Day Romance." Several relationship experts were interviewed about the movement and gave their take on office romance in general and how difficult it's become.

The Reuters article brought up some valid points about dating co-workers today and the risks involved - but it also made me sad in a way. I kept thinking back to those less-complicated days when I first entered the work force. Flirting was a simple thing and you didn't have to worry about it being misconstrued.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm NOT talking flirting as in laying your hands on someone else, that's NEVER been right. I'm talking about innocent conversation.

After reading the article, I'm convinced office romances may soon become a thing of the past - or at the very least, something that won't be talked about during work hours.

For once in my life, I'm actually glad I'm getting up there in years (plus, I'm happily married). I can't image how difficult it must be to date in this day-in-age.

Source: Reuters

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