When you get those pizza cravings how do you decide where to go, or who to order it from for delivery?

For us, it becomes a difficult exercise of who has the best kind of pizza you're hungry for. Hawaiian? There are two places I know of that create awesome (what we call) "Hula" pizza.

Pepperoni? Sausage? A combo? Almost every pizza palace in Sioux Falls has a couple of kinds of pizza that they are the absolute wizards of making.

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If you feel like making your own without all the work of chopping veggies, browning up meats, and grating cheese, not to mention making your own dough, you can always go with a "they make it and you bake it" type pizza place.

Some people in town think we already have too many pizza options, but in my opinion, the more pizza, the better! Maybe it's because I'm Italian. Who knows?

A new pizza restaurant will soon be taking up residence in Sioux Falls. Simply called Pizza Shop, it will be located near the Empire Mall. The chain restaurant began in New Jersey but their menu is anything but run-of-the-mill.

In fact, it tends to be higher-end, price-wise, but offers unique toppings, plus the opportunity to create your own pizza with any of the toppings they have.

The owners were drawn to the Sioux Falls business atmosphere and the fact that they thought Sioux Falls was "under-pizza -ed".

They will also offer other rich Italian goodies, just in case pizza isn't what you're looking for.

For more information check out pigeon605 and sign up for your own pigeon. You'll get regular texts that will prove it is a great source for Sioux Falls info and especially for restaurants with standout menu offerings.

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