The American 'wild west' spirit is alive and well -- in New Zealand.

The attention to detail is astounding on this replica wild west town. The town was modeled after what a typical main street would have looked like in the early frontier years of 1860s Wyoming. The swinging doors, wood paneling, and fireplaces are all there.

According to the listing, Mellonsfolly Ranch was built on 900 acres of New Zealand's North Island in 2006 by John Bedogni and features 10 themed buildings.

The asking price is $7.5 million and includes a Manuka honey business.

The property serves as a trendy boutique hotel with rooms starting at $5000 a night.  The new owner will get a licensed saloon, a courthouse with a built-in theater, a sheriff's office, a billiards lounge, and three residences so the owner can live on site.

With 20 beds and 10 bathrooms, the new owner could make a heavy nightly sum if it were continuously sold out.

There is a thriving Manuka honey business included with the property.  Manuka honey is native to New Zealand and has gained in popularity because of its unique taste and supposed health benefits.  The ranch has 600 active hives that have created over 15 tons of Manuka honey last year.

I think Buffalo Bill Cody would be proud of this representation of Wyoming, even if it is down under.

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