September 9, 2019 we celebrate Wiener Schnitzel day.

When I hear the words Wiener Schnitzel, I think about a Bratwurst that you could have enjoyed at last weekend's Germanfest in Sioux Falls, but I would be wrong.  Wiener Schnitzel is a close cousin to something just about every American has probably tried at least once, chicken-fried steak.

Today's Wiener Schnitzel is Austrian and was first mentioned in German cookbooks in the early 1800s.  However, variations of breaded veal cutlets can be traced back to the Middle Ages and the Roman Empire.  In Japan, they prepare Tonkatsu, made from a deep fried pork cutlet.  Regional versions can be found in South America and Israel.

Wiener Schnitzel became what we know as chicken-fried steak in the Untied States via German and Austrian immigrants settling in Texas and using local ingredients.  Wiener Schnitzel in Europe is made from Veal, in the States we use a cut of beef steak, because 'Merica.

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