Location, location, location. I think that old real estate saying certainly applies here and it affects the price of this listing. This home in the small Mississippi River town of Fort Madison, Iowa seems to be in decent condition but, as you can see in the gallery below, it could use some freshening up.

It looks nice from the curb with its charming porch and intricate woodwork, but what about the inside? Well, it definitely needs some updating. A remodel of the kitchen and bathrooms would go a long way here. It appears some of the plaster came down in the living room ceiling. But throw on some new paint, carpet, and updated fixtures, and you would have something special.

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The thing that drew my attention to the interior is the woodwork. It's the type of craftsmanship that you would only find in a home that was built in 1913. Just look at that staircase in the pictures below!

So in my unofficial opinion, the only things that are keeping this home from being a lot higher in price are the location and it needs updating. But that also means it's a great deal for someone who wouldn't mind living in a small town and doing some of the work themselves.

Iowa $50K Home

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