Whenever I am cruising the world of social media I quickly fly by all the stuff that has a tendency to aim at getting people riled up.

I always stop on posts like this one above from Native Hope and Call to Freedom.

I want to know what these two are up to because they are two organizations promoting action, awareness, and love for the often over looked humans.

Call to Freedom is an incredible organization, their mission from the Call to Freedom website:

Call to Freedom provides supportive services for victims and survivors of human trafficking and sexual exploitation.

I'm a fan of people who choose to share hope, healing, happiness and love.

Months ago when I saw Kansas Middletent and Native Hope partnering with Call to Freedom I had to find out more about their mission.

We believe in the power of storytelling to dismantle barriers, bring healing, and inspire hope for Native people.

I would encourage you to follow these two groups, take the time to see what they are doing in the communities.

Take a look at the change they are active in and see if there is a way you can help partner with them.

At many points in all of our lives we all needed someone to extend some love our way.

There are no shortages of ways to help and no shortage of fellow humans that need some help.

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