Why Hoard Toilet Paper During Sioux Falls Coronavirus Pandemic? The sign above was displayed at the Sioux Falls Costco. I talked with some employees there. Things have been nuts there since the Coronavirus showed up in South Dakota.

I've talked to many people that have been to stores throughout the city of Sioux Falls and they report that there are shortages of Toilet Paper, Disinfecting Wipes, Hand Sanitizer, and other supplies. Panic buying has been spotted all over the city.

Yesterday the World Health Organization declared that we are now experiencing a Coronavirus Pandemic. To say the least, people are experiencing a heightened state of anxiety. So why stock up on toilet paper? Why start hoarding cleaning products? Turns out this may be a coping mechanism.

CBS7.com is reporting that "Hoarding makes people feel secure. This is especially relevant when the world is faced with a novel disease over which all of us have little or no control. However, we can control things like having enough toilet paper in case we are quarantined. It's also possible we are biologically programmed to hoard."

Squirrels, Moles, Birds, Beavers, and other animals hoard things. Whether or not they use them doesn't seem to matter, it makes them feel secure.

So if buying up a couple of dozen rolls of toilet paper makes you feel better in tumultuous times, I say go for it.

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