I had Monday off and I spent much of the day running errands. Ya know, stocking up on household essentials like toiletries, cleaning products, and groceries when I came upon a curious thing.

I was perusing/smelling body washes when I noticed that the loofahs were separated by gender. Like, why? From what I could tell, the women's loofah had more than one color and a rope-like handle. The men's were one color and had an elastic band for a handle.

One friend asked if they were at different prices. Which is a valid question. There sadly is something known as a pink tax, for some reason, hygiene products marketed to women cost more. Soap is soap, people! But, these loofahs did seem to be marked the same price.

Moral of the story, I bought the men's loofah just to stick it to the man.

Down with the patriarchy.



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