Every time you leave the house you always have to remember a face mask.

The most often seen and given out face masks appear to be the blue and white disposable surgical face masks.

But why are these masks blue and on one side and white on the other? Well, I did some research and found out why they are typically these two colors.

According to Web 24, surgical masks are comprised of three layers. The first internal layer is white which makes for an absorbent layer within the mask, a filter layer for the inside layer, and finally the external layer which is typically blue.

The blue color on the outside of the masks also helps determine which direction to properly wear the face mask and appears less dirty.

Also, the two-colored materials have become an industry manufacturing standard when it comes to this face mask material according to Pascal Jean and Web 24:

“There is no obligation, but it turns out everyone does this. Particularly because the raw materials supplied, the rolls of non-woven fabric, are at better prices when the colors are standardized. ” 

I also thought it was interesting that psychologically, green and blue are viewed as more 'soothing colors' and match most scrubs that are typically worn in operating rooms.

Source: Web 24

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