Children are the world's most valuable resource and its best hope for the future. - -John F. Kennedy


What is this event all about?

The Night of Hope & Caring is an annual fundraising event taking place during a Sioux Falls Storm game. It is an effort to bring people together to "even the playing field" for children who don't have many of the opportunities other kids do.

It raises money to support children who attend schools without parent/teacher groups, like a PTA or PTO.

Basic needs like clean clothes, food, and school supplies, are givens for most children. But in many schools without a parent support group or other financial help, there are children who don't have access to these ordinary, everyday items.

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When and where is The Night of Hope & Caring?

Monday, March 28, at the Denny Sanford Premier Center, game time 7:05. The hometown guys, Sioux Falls Storm take on the Iowa Barnstormers.

Where do the funds go?

To children and families in financially challenging situations. In this position, children don't always have access to things and experiences that nurture them in mind and spirit.

Field trips give children the opportunity to interact with each other and other people in settings that help them to learn about nature, inventions, world history, music, and more. They also learn the sort of social behavior that is acceptable in those situations and others.

How do I get involved?

There are so many ways to help raise funds for this endeavor:

  1. Grab your golf bag and play in the Levo Golf Tourney at Great Shots, on Friday, March 25, with all funds going to "Night of Hope and Caring".
  2. Through the month of March, become a "Perk-O-Lation" Nation member, by heading over to any "Night of Hope and Caring" sponsor, Levo location, and purchasing delicious Dunn Brothers coffee or a giant Levo mug.
  3. Simply attend the Storm game. 50% of the net proceeds go to this child-focused organization.
  4. Just donate. Any amount you can give is appreciated.

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