This is as strange, creepy, and tragic as anything we've dug up in the mysteries of rock n' roll.

The album Get Lucky from Loverboy remains to this day one of Canada's all-time best-selling records. It was the first band I saw in concert and Get Lucky was a battered, faded, cassette in the Chevelle's cracked leather tape case. It was an essential road trip item for my buddies and I, along with a 12-pack of Blue Ribbon beer.

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As Loverboy's fame grew, so did the mystery behind the album cover of 1981's Get Lucky album. It features a very tight pair of red leather pants with a hairy arm resting on it with his fingers crossed. Interesting. I must admit, the question as to "whose butt is that on the cover?" has come up several times during high school. Did the ass belong to lead singer Mike Reno? Was it a guy or a girl? Or was it guitarist Paul Dean? We looked at the credits deep within the CD's jacket one time and was surprised to find the words "Bottom: by T.K."

The mystery now had legs. But whose? Who was T.K.?

According to Ultimate Classic Rock, the story goes like this: The cover design team wanted a pair of red leather pants to embody the 1980s style and rock n' roll decadence. On a shopping trip, one of the folks on the album cover design team finally found a pair of red leather pants. The problem was no one in the band could fit into them.

The album photographer, David Kennedy, brought the pants home when his daughter saw them she said, "Cool leathers, dad! Can I have them?" Her dad let her try them on and they fit like a charm. Her name was Tymara Kennedy (T.K.) and hang on...she was 13 years old.

Feeling a little creeped out right now? Me too.

The other mystery was whose hairy arm is that resting on the just barely teenager's butt? Well, nobody can remember - or so they say. They searched for a hand model and found one willing to do it. That's where that trail runs dry.

Tragically, Tymara was killed in a car accident when she was 22. The only photoshoot she ever posed for was to model the red leather pants.


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